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Lake Havasu City, AZ  86403

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What is Traffic Survival School (TSS)?

Traffic Survival School is an eight hour, one day course.  It is either required by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division or by court order for certain violations, or if an individual has earned 8 points or more against their driving record in twelve months of their first violation.

Who is required to attend Traffic Survival School?

  • If you run a red light in the state of Arizona

  • If you are under the age of eighteen/driving on a graduated license in the state of Arizona, the MVD will mandate  Traffic Survival School

  • If you have accumulated eight (8) to twelve (12) points on your driving record within twelve months of the first offense, will be mandated to take  Traffic Survival School by the MVD.

  • Reckless / Aggressive Driving

  • If you are a driver that causes an accident that involves a death or serious injury

  • DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs


Do I need to make an appointment for class?

It’s best to use the link to sign up on the Arizona Chapter of the National Safety Council’s website.  You will choose the type of class that you need, and then enter your zip code.  Available classes will be shown to you.  Make sure that you are signing up for a class that is within the deadline of your order.  Classes will alternate between days of the week to try and accommodate students.  Please have your case number ready when you register.

If spots are available, walk-ins are welcome, please call us after 7:30 AM the day of the class, to see if we have room to accommodate you.

TSS Class Registration

After clicking the registration button, put in your address, from the drop down menu choose classes 90 days out, and the click on an ALLEN TRAFFIC SCHOOL course for a local and convenient way to satisfy your TSS requirements.

Where can I take Traffic Survival School?

See the address above, click on the button to go a map that shows you where the school is.

When can I take Traffic Survival School?

We are currently planning classes in December of 2018, and January of 2019.  Click the blue link in the third column to register for classes.


What happens if I do not take the MVD ordered Traffic Survival School?

Once TSS is ordered, you have sixty (60) days from the notice date on the corrective action notice letter to complete the class. If you do not complete the class within this time frame, the MVD will suspend your driver’s license until the class is completed, and you may owe additional penalties/fines.

What do I need to bring to the class?

  • Cash, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check for $150

  • MVD Letter or Court Order to attend the class

  • Driver’s License

2018/2019 Class Schedule:                    

                                                  December 14, 2018 (Friday)

                                                  January 15, 2019  (Tuesday)

Please Note:  All classes are held from 8 am to 5 pm.  Please plan on arriving early for check in.